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ML Candle Designs

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At ML Candle Designs, we strive to use only the best of ingredients, proudly sourcing all ingredients here in the USA, hand poured just for you.

Our Scents

All of MLCD’s scents are hand selected from only the best companies in the USA. We carefully choose each and every one and strive to create candles that smell beautiful, but not overpowering, like many candles in the market today.

Our Fragrance Oils

All of MLCD’s fragrance oils are top of the line oils from the USA infused with luxurious essential oils. Each fragrance oil is developed for exceptional performance in soy wax candle making. All of our fragrances are phthalate-free and adhere to RIFM and IFRA standards for safety and purity. 

Our Wax

Our Wax

MLCD uses Golden Brands 464 Enhanced Soy Container Wax, which is a natural soy wax produced from US grown soybeans. It creates candles with a smooth, opaque finish and contains soy-based additives that help reduce frosting and strengthen the fragrance throw. It is also considered FDA-approved, Kosher-certified and vegan-friendly.

Our Wicks

MLCD uses Eco wicks that are made of woven from cotton and paper. It burns more fully than a cotton wick, and the flame is more stable than a wooden candle wick. Soy candle wick that is not easy to bend or break. No black smoke or peculiar smell. Efficient and environmentally friendly, pre-waxed soy candle wicks can save you time. It does not contain any chemical substances or heavy metals, making it safer and healthier to use.

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